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On Consumption of Wine - Eubulus (ca 375 BC)

Three bowls only do I serve for the temperate: one for health, which they drink first, the second for love and pleasure, and the third for sleep. When this bowl is drunk up, wise guests go home. The fourth bowl is ours no longer, but belongs to violence, the fifth to uproar, the sixth to drunken revel, the seventh to black eyes, the eighth is the policeman's, the ninth belongs to biliousness, and the tenth to madness and hurling the furniture.

Two Ways of Seeing a River - by Mark Twain

I'm frequently asked questions about wine because some believe me to be an expert on it. However, years ago I read Mark Twain's essay, "Two Ways of Seeing a River". Basically, I decided then that I would not "over analyze" wine - but instead, try to keep the beauty alive. Here it the conclusion from that essay that I hope will make the point:

"No, the romance and the beauty were all gone from the river. All the value any feature of it had for me now was the amount of usefulness it could furnish toward compassing the safe piloting of a steamboat. Since those days, I have pitied doctors from my heart. What does the lovely flush in a beauty's cheek mean to a doctor but a "break" that ripples above some deadly disease? Are not all her visible charms sown thick with what are to him the signs and symbols of hidden decay? Does he ever see her beauty at all, or doesn't he simply view her professionally, and comment upon her unwholesome condition all to himself? And doesn't he sometimes wonder whether he has gained most or lost most by learning his trade? "

So, I know a good wine when I have one - but I can't tell you technically why it's good. To me wine is still beautiful.

What You'll Find Here

I actually use this website to manage my wine collection. I don't have a lot, but enough that I can't just open the door and put my hands on a bottle I want. As time goes I'll try to get better at taking notes on bottles of wine that I enjoy.