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Archive for June, 2009

Saturday Night Wrestling with MVC

Ok… It wasn’t really that bad, but it did take some effort. Here was my objective: Now that MVC (ASP.NET Model-View-Controller) 1.1 has been released (not sure how I missed that) to work with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 migrate my evolving website to use the .NET 4.0 beta. I was able to get […]

LinkedIn and WordPress too

And now there’s a nice application on LinkedIn that will pull the latest posts – 5 I think – into my LinkedIn profile. I hope that takes care of necessary social network integration for the moment.

Now trying to integrate Facebook and WordPress

I think I have the Twitter piece done. Now I’m trying to use the WordBook plugin for WordPress to see if it can post to Facebook.


Trying to integrate with Twitter using TweetSuite

Leveraging MVC ModelError Using Exceptions

Headline: A very simple change to the DefaultModelBinder will allow you to use default validation capabilities in Microsoft’s MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework far more effectively. The Problem – Please show my model exceptions to the user! As Steven Sanderson stated in his book, you want to have the validation for your model in an MVC application […]


Sun Protection Factor? That’s what most of us think of, but I’ve been experimenting with SPF – Sender Policy Framework. For more, visit: http://www.openspf.org/ I send e-mail from various web applications I maintain so I did not want to make my life hard. So… I took the easy way and left the defaults as they […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8

I hope all goes well. (Frankly 2.7.1 worked pretty nice before.) So far all is well.

Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

A Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework by Steven Sanderson, ISBN 10: 1-4302-1007-9 Update I started taking notes as I went along, but I’ve not stopped. I really recommend taking this book and working through the exercises. I’m confident you’ll be a better developer even if you’re are not particularly interested in MVC. (Of course, […]