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Using AspNetSqlProvider on Your Database

Technorati Tags: ASP.NET Headline: Run “aspnet_regsql.exe”. User Story: As a web developer I want to use the AspNetSqlProviders for my website using an SQL Server database so that I can more easily host the site. Take 1: I was excited about the new ASP.NET MVC 2 being in the beta for 2010. So I created […]

I wish I could write software this cool…

Technorati Tags: WinDirStat,SmartSync Pro,WHS,Win 7 What cool software am I talking about? WinDirStat and SmartSync Pro. I went from 600 GB down to less than 60 GB! Recently my Windows Home Server had issues and I had to recover from a failed hard drive. In addition to lots of recovery efforts, I was sent back […]

On To Live Writer

Technorati Tags: LiveWriter,Word,Blog I’ve used Word 2007 for quite some time to blog… But recently, it seems that it will not handle images when trying to post to WordPress. After about 6 min with Live Writer I had posts up and running again with images working. It seems the quality of the images isn’t as […]

A Tale of Two Mice

Technorati Tags: Dell,C#,.NET User Story: As a Windows 7 user of an IntelliPoint mouse I want to switch from left-handed to right-handed (and vice-versa) with a single double click. The Old Way I have a really nice mouse, but it uses IntelliPoint… ok, that’s fine. But at home I use the mouse left handed while […]

One Computer – A Very Strange Day

Technorati Tags: Dell I always felt I was "settling" for a lesser computer when using a notebook. Now the Dell Precision M4400 is literally the only computer I use – and I’m pretty demanding on a computer. The only thing that I think would have people shy away is the price. But in retrospect, I […]