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What I did on my winter vacation…

Headline: I passed my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer exams using my vacation time and my personal funds to pay for the course. I’ll talk about several different areas that might be of interest to other as well as “journal” about why some of this happened. What was I thinking? (Or – Why I Did It) […]

Migrated to Razor View Engine for MVC 3

I just finished converting my views from .aspx files to .cshtml Razor view engine files. It took about 4 hours for 38 views. The key lesson I learned is, “If you didn’t do anything very fancy in a View, just delete it and recreate it.” I think that would have caused it to go faster. […]

Upgrading to MVC 3

Headline: If you try on your own, it is painful. If you use the right tool, it’s not too bad. Use the MVC 3 Project Upgrade Tool Here is a link that discusses the MVC 3 Project Upgrade Tool. The only real issue I had is that all my code is in source control, so […]

Interesting flight on Continental

Headline: Entertainment the whole way (except for the safety briefing). Last Sunday I flew from Newark back to Houston on Continental. On that flight they had the “seemingly usual” entertainment in the headrest in front of you. There were several key differences however. Entertainment the Whole Way Unlike all my other flights, I was able […]