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Changing the Patch on My Uniform

I’ve decided to pursue my passion for developing great software (for the oil and gas industry) at a new company. The Military Perspective When I was in the U.S. Army Reserves for 10 years I had occasion to change units – or companies – several times. For example, when I moved from Denver to Houston […]

Parable of Two Villages

I can’t seem to find the version I remember my wife reading me sometime back, so I’m going to work from memory on this one… Here is a link to a slightly different version. A couple was travelling from one village to the next when they came upon a farmer working in his field. They […]


A friend recently recommended a book to me called “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel Pink. I’m glad I read it. There was much about the book that resonated with me. While I believe that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains the underlying principles for much of what is presented in the […]

Super-sonic Software Development

What happens when you can develop software faster than you can describe what you want it to do? I think the best analogy is a sonic boom or moving faster than the speed of sound. Agile Development Practices I’m a big believer in agile software development practices. For that matter, not restricted to software… agile […]

Configuring SMTP Mail for WordPress

Headline: I put in all the e-mail information for my WordPress site, but I’m not getting the notifications for new users or comments. You need to configure the SMTP and the best way is to install a plugin to do that. I chose Configure SMTP. Sometime back I moved my blog and recently I see […]