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Windows 8 Pro has Hyper-V

I had need this weekend for a virtual machine (VM). I wanted to carry it with me, but I also wanted it to be a 64-bit VM. I’m a relative novice when it comes to VMs. There will be many posts I suspect that point to many of the details for setting up VMs and […]

Is My CodeCoverage.runsettings file wrong?

Headlilne: Microsoft has a new .RunSettings file to replace the previous .TestSettings file so that you can use it with other systems (like NUnit), more easily support Team Build, and improve performance (among other motivations). But does it work yet? I cannot get the GeneratedCode attribute to prevent code coverage analysis of the code. There […]

Don’t Swallow Exceptions

You might be swallowing exceptions if: Your method returns a bool indicating success or failure Your method returns an integer code of some sort Your method has a try/catch block Your method has an out parameter Your method has a ref parameter Overview This post is my view of best practices for error handling in […]