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Natural Flow

Headline: This post is a follow-on post to the Speed – The 2-second Rule post, however this post describes the problem of providing a satisfying experience for our customer with analogies rather than logic and numbers. A Satisfying Golf Game On rare occasions I enjoy the game of golf – chasing a small ball around […]

Speed – The 2 Second Rule

Headline: As developers our goal should be that all operations (except for things like batch imports) should return control to the user in less than 2 seconds. Overview This has been a rule of mine since 1999 when I first started to really get involved seriously in development (coding, not just managing) again. It was […]

Passport to Paris

I went to the Denver Art Museum with my wife on Tuesday to see the “Passport to Paris” exhibit. There were 300 year old painting that have absolutely vibrant colors (My favorite being Renoir’s “Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil”) . My place was painted 3 years ago and I had to repaint it […]