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Archive for February, 2015

Charles Petzold Efficient ItemsControls

Headline: Charles Petzold did a great job showing some of the performance characteristics of various approaches of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and here I show some of the resulting numbers on my computer. In March 2009 Charles Petzold had an excellent MSDN article called “Writing More Efficient ItemsControls”. I’m not going to bother repeating that […]


Headline: There are very good reasons for not using all caps. Do use mixed case Details: Routinely in the computer world I see places where all caps are used. Many times in databases thanks to databases like ORACLE – why even their name and logo are all caps so no surprise that all their database […]

Samsung Portable SSD T1

Headline: WOW! Great performance in a small package! So recently I was copying my music from my external drive to my notebook and it seemed to take forever. So I investigated a new external drive. My Seagate Slim Black USB 500GB I’ve been very pleased with this drive. It is a physical drive so it […]

TypeScript vs. JavaScript

Headline: It seems that TypeScript is a better alternative to JavaScript – investigate it. Testability The biggest issue I had with JavaScript was the lack of testability. Until a colleague of mine pointed out one of my previous posts I completely forgot about some of the techniques for testing JavaScript. But from what little I’ve […]

Please Take the Defaults

Headline: Minimize changes to the development environment unless you’ve got a really compelling reason to make changes. The Problem I have worked with many developers over the years and one thing that drives me crazy is changing defaults from what Visual Studio uses. I change machines and installs quite frequently (3 times in 2014) and […]