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Changed to Open Live Writer

Headline: I’ve finally moved from Windows Live Writer to Open Live Writer

Why the change?

I’ve been working to finally modernize my blog which has been part of the reason I’ve not posted much. I did not have an SSL Certificate for the site, so most search engines would just totally ignore me.

There are quite a few other changes that I’ll mention in another post, but as part of this I needed to setup my Windows Live Writer again and kept facing issues. I looked at many other authoring tools, but mainly ones that would let me author offline. Probably half the time I’m writing a blog I’m disconnected.

So I have Open Live Writer a try again and I really can’t tell whether I’m in Windows Live Writer or Open Live Writer… But, I can setup Open Live Writer on both my machines. I never could get Windows Live Writer to do that.

Many Thanks

I’m so thankful that the capable contributors worked to move the code and capabilities for Windows Live Writer.

Here is what it looks like:


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