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Archive for May 17th, 2009

ProfileProvider in an MVC World

I had some trouble getting the ASP.NET Profile provider to work with MVC (Model View Controller). Here are my notes for what I did to get it to finally work thanks to the help of numerous posts. (I figured I should do something other than watch the Houston Rockets lose…) Unit Testing The first step […]

But I want a blog template

Pretty much every document I type today is a blog… But whenever I start Microsoft Word 2007 it always opens a blank document. If someone knows how to change that behavior please let me know. For now, the workaround my wife suggested was: Select Office Button –> New, then select the “New Blog Post” template. […]

Replacing the Class Template Take 1

I don’t know if it is the installation of Service Packs or something else in the environment. I’m going to document how I change my Class template for C# here and see if it stays this time. I say Take 1 because if it doesn’t, I’ll try to find out why and move on to […]