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A Better PredicateBuilder

Headline: If you are trying to dynamically create queries then Pete Montgomery’s post on A universal PredicateBuilder is a must read. I found lots of references to PredicateBuilder but there was a lot of code and as this post says that original PredicateBuilder “…requires an unnatural call to… AsExpandable…” I’m just putting this post here […]

Charles Petzold Efficient ItemsControls

Headline: Charles Petzold did a great job showing some of the performance characteristics of various approaches of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and here I show some of the resulting numbers on my computer. In March 2009 Charles Petzold had an excellent MSDN article called “Writing More Efficient ItemsControls”. I’m not going to bother repeating that […]

Don’t Swallow Exceptions

You might be swallowing exceptions if: Your method returns a bool indicating success or failure Your method returns an integer code of some sort Your method has a try/catch block Your method has an out parameter Your method has a ref parameter Overview This post is my view of best practices for error handling in […]

But I Only Want One File!

Technorati Tags: ILMerge,.NET Use ILMerge to combine a single exe and multiple dlls into a single new exe. You can also combine many dlls into a single dll. Look for ILMerge from Microsoft Research on the web. You’ll need to download their tool to do this. One .EXE This was originally driven by a personal […]

A Tale of Two Mice

Technorati Tags: Dell,C#,.NET User Story: As a Windows 7 user of an IntelliPoint mouse I want to switch from left-handed to right-handed (and vice-versa) with a single double click. The Old Way I have a really nice mouse, but it uses IntelliPoint… ok, that’s fine. But at home I use the mouse left handed while […]