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Headline: Here is what I use for authorizing controller and actions in an MVC application that uses the new Claims based authorization. Some Great Resources Before I even begin, let me point people to some great resources I found today on this topic. The first has so many posts on the topic and they are […]

Exporting My Certificate

Headline: This describes how to export a certificate used to e-mail encrypted messages. I’m in the process of trying out Microsoft Windows 8 along with Office 2013 Preview. But I still need to send some secure messages. I had some troubles the first time I did this and wish that I’d taken some good notes… […]

Getting a Digital ID for Outlook 2010

From time to time I need to send documents securely. While I’ve tried some other means in the past, one way is to use the Digital IDs in Outook. Since the certificate is for one year I have to run through this… once a year. That’s plenty of time for me to forget what I […]


Sun Protection Factor? That’s what most of us think of, but I’ve been experimenting with SPF – Sender Policy Framework. For more, visit: http://www.openspf.org/ I send e-mail from various web applications I maintain so I did not want to make my life hard. So… I took the easy way and left the defaults as they […]