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Unicorn Series Overview

Headline: All the modern software development practices really do make significant business impact. Contents Automated Testing Disclaimer: As usual, there is not information in this series that would be considered proprietary information for C&C Reservoirs. This is the overview and index for a series on software development practices the team I’m leading has been using […]

TDD Series for MVC 5

Here is a series of posts by Eric Vogel on testing MVC 5 applications: Attain Code Management Nirvana via Test-Driven Development, Part 1 Oh, CRUD … It’s Test-Driven Development for ASP.NET MVC, Part 2 TDD for ASP.NET MVC, Part 3: Contact Service Class

TypeScript vs. JavaScript

Headline: It seems that TypeScript is a better alternative to JavaScript – investigate it. Testability The biggest issue I had with JavaScript was the lack of testability. Until a colleague of mine pointed out one of my previous posts I completely forgot about some of the techniques for testing JavaScript. But from what little I’ve […]

Visual Studio 2012 testmc Code Snippet

Headline: This contains the code for the first code snippet I install when I have a new installation of Visual Studio along with the steps to get it into the right location. The Result The first time I saw this format for unit tests was in some work the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) […]

TDD Saves Time When You Need It Most

In the life of a project when is time most precious? The first day? Or the last day? Writing unit tests makes sense, but are you disciplined enough to write them? I understood the value of writing unit tests and had used them on numerous projects. I knew you should write them but I had […]

Testing HtmlHelper in MVC 2 RC 2

Technorati Tags: MVC,TDD,Mock,Moq I strive to use TDD (Test Driven Development) so not having unit tests drives me crazy. I was so pleased to run across this post http://ox.no/posts/mocking-htmlhelper-in-aspnet-mvc-rc1-using-moq making it easy for me to unit test the Html Helper. But then I downloaded the MVC 2 RC 2 and all my unit tests for […]