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Related Work Items to Reinforce Good Process

Headline: Always associate related work items to your changesets upon check-in. This post shows an easy way to do that using a Query that also reinforces the process. Scrum Sprint Board Overview Most projects I work on with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server use the Scrum process template. I also do some work using […]

Which Branch Do I Check My Code Into?

I’m surprised how frequently I hear this question. To me it’s rather simple, but when I explain my mental model to others I usually hear, “Oh, that’s simple!” So it seems many do not share this model. I did a blog post on a more restricted site some years ago, and I’m doing a new […]

TFS Has an Additional Meaning

Team Foundation Service! If you want to try out the new capabilities of TFS try the new Team Foundation Service (TF Service) rather than Team Foundation Server (TFS). For almost 8 years I’ve had my own Workgroup Version of TFS which permits up to 5 users. Now Microsoft has tfs.visualstudio.com that allows TFS in the […]

Great Resource for TFS Integration

This is a great site for programmatically connecting to TFS (Team Foundation Server) to perform certain tasks. Shai Raiten’s blog : http://beta.blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/shair/archive/tags/TFS+API/default.aspx

Hyper-V Export and Import Not Easy

NOTE: Read all the import instructions before restoring/importing a machine. If you mess this up you can be in big trouble (as it will only let you import once by default.) I use Hyper-V to host my TFS environment. As someone with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription, I have access to […]

No Silverlight Unit Test Integration with TFS?

Well, the excitement of the last post lasted about 18 seconds. Now I need to slog through this post about “Integrating Silverlight Unit Tests into Build Process”. Must Use Silverlight Unit Tests In the last post I was doing unit testing with a regular unit test project. That integrates with TFS (Team Foundation Server) quite […]

Reusable Library Naming

I plan to call my projects KarlZ.Silverlight.* while the assemblies they produce will be called KarlZ.*. Then I’ll link from the Silverlight project to the existing files in the normal .NET projects. The Problem – Different CLRs I’d like to use both MVC (Model-View-Controller) and Silverlight presentation tiers. My development and test environment for MVC […]

Getting Silverlight 4 Business Application to Run on TFS Build Server

Headline: There is a folder that does not display by default in a Silverlight Business Application project called Generated_Code. That has to be added to the project and checked into the solution in order for your Silverlight application to run on your TFS Build Server. I was trying to get my Silverlight 4 test application […]