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Is My CodeCoverage.runsettings file wrong?

Headlilne: Microsoft has a new .RunSettings file to replace the previous .TestSettings file so that you can use it with other systems (like NUnit), more easily support Team Build, and improve performance (among other motivations). But does it work yet? I cannot get the GeneratedCode attribute to prevent code coverage analysis of the code. There […]

Visual Studio 2012 testmc Code Snippet

Headline: This contains the code for the first code snippet I install when I have a new installation of Visual Studio along with the steps to get it into the right location. The Result The first time I saw this format for unit tests was in some work the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) […]

Where is TestContext.BeginTimer()?

This post outlines my (with help of others) solution to keeping my unit tests working in the absence of TestContext.BeginTimer() and TestContext.EndTimer(). These seem to be missing in Visual Studio 2012 and I can’t find any posts… so I assume no one else uses this pattern. What’s Broken? Here is a sample unit test that […]

TFS Has an Additional Meaning

Team Foundation Service! If you want to try out the new capabilities of TFS try the new Team Foundation Service (TF Service) rather than Team Foundation Server (TFS). For almost 8 years I’ve had my own Workgroup Version of TFS which permits up to 5 users. Now Microsoft has tfs.visualstudio.com that allows TFS in the […]