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UPPERCASE Menu Items in Visual Studio

I felt the tension go out of my shoulders today when I found this option! Not sure what caused them to think all caps for the menu options would be a good idea.

Related Work Items to Reinforce Good Process

Headline: Always associate related work items to your changesets upon check-in. This post shows an easy way to do that using a Query that also reinforces the process. Scrum Sprint Board Overview Most projects I work on with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server use the Scrum process template. I also do some work using […]

TypeScript vs. JavaScript

Headline: It seems that TypeScript is a better alternative to JavaScript – investigate it. Testability The biggest issue I had with JavaScript was the lack of testability. Until a colleague of mine pointed out one of my previous posts I completely forgot about some of the techniques for testing JavaScript. But from what little I’ve […]

How to Write Bad C# Code

In case you’re afraid Microsoft might help you write some good C# code, here’s a list of the top tips to make sure you still write bad C# code. Now I’m sure that’s not the objective, but when you read this post you’ll frankly wonder why it is that we still see so much bad […]