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Silverlight is Hard–It is moving faster than I am

When will Silverlight slowdown?

I’ve been trying to pick up Silverlight on the weekends ever since 1.0. However, just as I’m starting to catch on, all my code is obsolete.

I thought that with Silverlight 4 things might slow down a bit. However, it seems that the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Services are pretty key to some of the evolving patterns. As you can tell from some of my posts last weekend, I was starting to make some progress, but it was slowed as ran into issues with 64-bit computing.

I was getting back into it this weekend by reading Matthew MacDonald’s just released “Pro Silverlight 4 in C#”. While the book doesn’t cover the RIA Services I was looking at them again. Since I had a new hard drive and needed to reinstall items, I was going to reinstall the RIA Services. To my surprise there’s already a RIA Services 1.0 SP1 Beta! (That link points to a great post by Jeff Handley.) Released just a few days ago! (Just as “Pro Silverlight 4 in C#” was.) I’m not sure when the release will be finalized, but it does have some features I really like – some of which I was already feeling some pain around. His post covers those features so I will not repeat them here.

Perhaps I’ll just keep reading for now rather than try to actually write code.

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