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Sometimes you get lucky…

Cool picture…


Lael and I were married 30 years ago… Cool photo in the bottom left.


You can also see:

  • The Denver skyline in the reflection on the France picture in the middle.
  • The shadows from the sun coming in the window showing what’s on the top ledge.
  • The buffet is Lael’s great grandmother’s.
  • As are the chairs.
  • The hurricane lamp was from my grandmother.
  • In the chair on the right is a nice book about wine.
  • And obviously the shelves have wine glasses hanging from them along with the bottles of wine on top… The bottles of wine are above the glasses that are appropriate for that wine.

In the reflection on the France picture you can see the building I work in with LMKR highlighted in yellow:


Seldom do I take such rich pictures.

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