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Sleeping Bluetooth

Headline: Anyone know how to prevent my Bluetooth adapter from turning off on my Surface Pro 3? Very annoying.

All too frequently after my computer has gone to sleep I turn it back on buy my Bluetooth mouse won’t work. What I discover is that my Marvell AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter has been disabled, presumably to save power.


This is what it looks like with I select Properties for that adapter in the Device Manager.


So, I press the Enable Device button. Now my device manager looks like this:


There is a lot more activity under the Bluetooth section now and my Arc Touch Mouse SE works. (Make doing the rest of the post much easier.)

But now here is the reason I’m doing this post.If I bring up the Properties for that adapter again I see the same tabs as before. No Power Management tab. Now I will close the Device Manager and bring it up again. This time it looks like this:


The “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” checkbox is unchecked. I will check it again, BUT, I did that just yesterday morning. So something seems to keep coming along and unchecking that box… then allowing the computer to disable it or “turn it off”. Either that or that checkbox is ignored and when you do turn it back on again it defaults to not being checked.

Either way very annoying.  Here is a link to the post on the Microsoft Community where I also posted this question (but without this much detail).

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