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Batching Items with EF 6.0

Headline: It’s not too hard to batch items with or without async capabilities in Entity Framework (EF) 6.0. Here I have a large number (ok… not in the sample test, but in real life) of items and I’d like to pull them in as in batches rather than wait for all of them to be […]

Bugs–Cradle to Grave

Headline: If you wrote the bug, you should fix the bug. A friend of mine (Duane) years ago said, “Bugs should be cradle to grave.” And by that, he meant just what I said. If you wrote the bug then you should fix the bug. Why? Cost The original developer can almost always find and […]

Our Asynchronous Lives

Headline: There’s something to be said for synchronous… What is Asynchronous (async for short)? This is where you ask for something but you continue on and don’t let that block your next action. You fire off a message but you process other actions rather than sit idly by waiting for a response. This is great […]

A Better PredicateBuilder

Headline: If you are trying to dynamically create queries then Pete Montgomery’s post on A universal PredicateBuilder is a must read. I found lots of references to PredicateBuilder but there was a lot of code and as this post says that original PredicateBuilder “…requires an unnatural call to… AsExpandable…” I’m just putting this post here […]

Windows 10–A Release for the Enterprise

Headline: The enterprise was ignored in Windows 8 but Microsoft is really focusing on the Enterprise for Windows 10. For enterprise applications I would leapfrog Windows 8 and go from Windows 7 (or XP) to Windows 10. Note – the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 will be […]