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Our Asynchronous Lives

Headline: There’s something to be said for synchronous…

What is Asynchronous (async for short)?

This is where you ask for something but you continue on and don’t let that block your next action. You fire off a message but you process other actions rather than sit idly by waiting for a response.

This is great for programming, but I now realize how much of my life is async. Facebook is a stellar example. We fire off a series of random activities and if a response is returned great. If not, oh well. On with my life I go. And frankly, this blob post is no different! (Oh that angers me)

Minimize Async in Real Life

But… When in real life I minimize async activities. I’ve been with people that say, “unh huh…” as they text while we’re eating dinner or having a drink. There are entire comedy routines about this sort of thing… Example, “I have 500 friends but I’ve not seen anyone in person all week.”

I’ve been doing async programming for a long time but tonight was the first time I really saw how that has impacted so many personal interactions.

I will have to say that some activities can only be done synchronously… And some of those are the most fun Smile

Bring a little synchronicity back into your life.

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