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Team Building

This is an excellent post by Christopher Avery that I frequently use when building a software development team: 5 Easy Steps That Will Make Any Team Better The “WIIFM” or What’s In It For Me is always interesting.

Bugs–Cradle to Grave

Headline: If you wrote the bug, you should fix the bug. A friend of mine (Duane) years ago said, “Bugs should be cradle to grave.” And by that, he meant just what I said. If you wrote the bug then you should fix the bug. Why? Cost The original developer can almost always find and […]

Our Asynchronous Lives

Headline: There’s something to be said for synchronous… What is Asynchronous (async for short)? This is where you ask for something but you continue on and don’t let that block your next action. You fire off a message but you process other actions rather than sit idly by waiting for a response. This is great […]

IP Integrity

Headline: Be sure not to take things that don’t belong to you. Do NOT include code in your software that you don’t have the rights to include. Motivation I’ve had to write policies and other documents through the years about proper treatment of Intellectual Property (IP). I’m tried of having to repeat the information of […]

Stuff to Maintain You

Headline: Upon recent reflection I realized that I’ve switched so that most of my “stuff” is to support me rather than me supporting my “stuff”. What Stuff? Years ago I first heard George Carlin do his routine on “Stuff”. If you search for “George Carlin Stuff” you will find many videos. I found it funny. […]

Natural Flow

Headline: This post is a follow-on post to the Speed – The 2-second Rule post, however this post describes the problem of providing a satisfying experience for our customer with analogies rather than logic and numbers. A Satisfying Golf Game On rare occasions I enjoy the game of golf – chasing a small ball around […]

Passport to Paris

I went to the Denver Art Museum with my wife on Tuesday to see the “Passport to Paris” exhibit. There were 300 year old painting that have absolutely vibrant colors (My favorite being Renoir’s “Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil”) . My place was painted 3 years ago and I had to repaint it […]

Always Right?

My wife says frequently in frustration, “I hate that you’re always right!” I’m not always right. I just keep my mouth shut when I’m not sure that I’m right. I don’t talk much…

New Year’s 2012

2011 was a year of change and by the time I reached New Year’s Eve and started work on my resolutions I was quite shocked. I have better measurements for January 2012 so I’ll use those numbers: I weigh 10 pounds less today than I did the day I graduated from high school. (was 161 […]

Software Architecture–Do One Thing Very Well

As I look at nature, I’m struck by the idea that for truly reusable software you must architect it following the principle that it must do one thing and only one thing very well. Think about it for a moment… We are all made up of atoms. Individual units that generally stand the test of […]