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Parable of Two Villages

I can’t seem to find the version I remember my wife reading me sometime back, so I’m going to work from memory on this one… Here is a link to a slightly different version. A couple was travelling from one village to the next when they came upon a farmer working in his field. They […]

Super-sonic Software Development

What happens when you can develop software faster than you can describe what you want it to do? I think the best analogy is a sonic boom or moving faster than the speed of sound. Agile Development Practices I’m a big believer in agile software development practices. For that matter, not restricted to software… agile […]

TDD Saves Time When You Need It Most

In the life of a project when is time most precious? The first day? Or the last day? Writing unit tests makes sense, but are you disciplined enough to write them? I understood the value of writing unit tests and had used them on numerous projects. I knew you should write them but I had […]

A Strategic Case for Unit Testing

There is a certain level of velocity and quality that you will never reach without effective unit testing. I’ve had an unusual number of queries about unit testing during the past few days. As a result I thought I would put a more complete description together. Definition I’m not going to spend a great deal […]