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Back to High Resolution

I have a Dell U3011 Monitor that is capable of displaying resolution of 2560×1600. However, when I purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon a while back I could never find a way to do that. From this post: My Dell U3011 Monitor Won’t Display 2560×1600, you can see that you must use the DisplayPort cable. The […]

My New Device Continuum

Last month I was on a plane flight when the person next to me spilled an entire glass of wine on my Dell Precision M4500. I was told the cost of repairs would be too high – about 1/2 what it would cost to by the new machine I ended up buying  Before my new […]

My Dell U3011 Monitor Won’t Display 2560×1600

HEADLINE: Try using the DisplayPort cable that shipped with it. I got the new Dell U3011 Monitor today – 30” monitor capable of up to 2560×1600 resolution. It ships with three cables – DVI (Dual Link), VGA, and DisplayPort. The DVI is attached and all the instructions show that you can use the 2560×1600 resolution […]

Changing the Logon Image on my Dell M4500

Headline: I’ve done this once before, and had a hard time finding it again… Since I may need to do this again, I’m putting instructions in a place that I can find them. This is just a copy of EmDe’s instructions from this Wave Embassy suite login image post with screen captures added in. Before: […]

Lock Windows 7 Then Logon Slow

Headline: Mine problem was a special case where Dell Control Point was taking quite some time when I would logon to unlock my Dell Precision M4500 Notebook running Windows 7 x64. Uninstalling Control Point and installing Dell Data Protection Program solved my issue! The Problem I’ve always been in the habit of locking (Windows Key […]

Window Restore Slow After nVidia Driver Upgrade

Headline: If you installed the latest driver for an nVidia Quadro FX 1800M, Version, A08, you might experience slowness when bringing up or restoring windows. Go to the Dell site and get the pervious version, install it, reboot, and performance should be restored. Details I have a Dell Precision M4500 notebook running Windows 7 […]

Dell Precision M45oo Review

Headline: I’m very happy! Details My wife gave her computer to a friend… Her needs were different from the capabilities of that computer. It was a nice computer – a tablet PC with 250 GB hard drive, but no battery life and fairly weak graphics and CPU performance. So she convinced me that I needed […]

My Desktop Gadgets Disappear

Headline: It seems that when the Dell Enhanced Power & Performance is used and you change to Ultra Performance (Max Fan Levels) it will shut down your desktop Gadgets. Switch back to something like “Cool (Reduced Temp Levels)” and they return! Enhanced Power & Performance On my Dell Precision M4500 I change environments quite a […]

…and the Agony of the Cheap

The Joy of Excellence, and the Agony of the Cheap Yes, this is a play on the old ABC Wide World of Sports slogan, “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.” I probably should have used “The thrill of quality, and the agony of the cheap.” but my site isn’t called “ThrillOfQuality”. The […]

My Turbo Boost Is Not Working…

Headline: If you are using PassMark PerformanceTest to test your i7 processor with Turbo Boost, make sure you have the latest version of their software. A bug in versions prior to build 1016 would cause Turbo Boost to stop working once you launched PerformanceTest (at least on a 64-bit machine). Strange but true story… I […]