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Back to High Resolution

I have a Dell U3011 Monitor that is capable of displaying resolution of 2560×1600. However, when I purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon a while back I could never find a way to do that. From this post: My Dell U3011 Monitor Won’t Display 2560×1600, you can see that you must use the DisplayPort cable. The Lenovo had no such port nor did their Dock 3.0. I had to use DVI instead. Now I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that has a mini-DisplayPort. I got a mini-DisplayPort (male) to DisplayPort (female) adapter and now I’m back to high resolution 2560×1600! Yea! I really didn’t like being low resolution with such a great monitor. As a note, I use the docking station for the Surface Pro 2.

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