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My Newer Device Continuum

Or, My 2 Device Continuum. I now use a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 instead of a Lenovo X1 Carbon, a Surface RT, and a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 920). I expect soon I’ll add back another Kindle device. The Notebook and the Tablet Converged At least for me these converged. Here are the PassMark ratings […]

Back to High Resolution

I have a Dell U3011 Monitor that is capable of displaying resolution of 2560×1600. However, when I purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon a while back I could never find a way to do that. From this post: My Dell U3011 Monitor Won’t Display 2560×1600, you can see that you must use the DisplayPort cable. The […]

My Surface After 3 Weeks

Headline: My new Surface RT usage has been undermined by 1) it being an RT, and 2) my new Lenovo X1 Carbon. I let my instinct rule when using my various devices but take note of what I instinctively do – I observe myself. I’m currently on a train as I write this, and I’m […]

My New Device Continuum

Last month I was on a plane flight when the person next to me spilled an entire glass of wine on my Dell Precision M4500. I was told the cost of repairs would be too high – about 1/2 what it would cost to by the new machine I ended up buying  Before my new […]

How Do I Blog from a Surface ARM?

Update – 11 Nov 2012: I just go grab my new lenovo X1 Carbon. But I really want to see Live Writer continue. It’s great! (At least that will be my solution until the Surface Pro comes out) Well, today I’m trying to just blog using OneNote as the authoring tool. I’m a huge Microsoft […]