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My Surface After 3 Weeks

Headline: My new Surface RT usage has been undermined by 1) it being an RT, and 2) my new Lenovo X1 Carbon.

I let my instinct rule when using my various devices but take note of what I instinctively do – I observe myself. I’m currently on a train as I write this, and I’m writing on my notebook…

It’s a Surface RT

On my train trip from Denver to Chicago I spent a lot of time working on code examples and learning some of the new features of .NET, C#, and Visual Studio 2012. And on the return trip, I’m taking some time to write this blog using my favorite blogging tool, Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. Neither Visual Studio nor Live Writer run on the Surface RT. So while it would be great to use that, I use the notebook instead. Perhaps I would use a Surface Pro a bit more.

The Lenovo X1 Carbon

Ok… even if I had the Surface Pro, I’m not sure which I would use. I’m in a very quiet part of the train right now, so I might actually use the Surface Pro with the Touch keyboard. As it stands, surrounding passengers get to listen to the clickity-clack of my keyboard along with the clickity-clack of the train. But the train is quiet enough to hear the keyboard unless you’re watching a movie with your headphones plugged in.

However, the Lenovo is only 3 pounds, so it is quick and easy to pull it out. And while I keep wanting to touch the screen if I’ve recently put away my Surface, the TrackPoint eraser-head pointer is very effective. Better than most I’ve used… I turn off the TouchPad because I keep touching it and placing the cursor in a new and undesirable location.

Back to the Surface – Seen not heard

It was nice to looks some things up. I did pull it out in the restaurant today when we wanted to check on our travel… I found it easier than the phone, and smaller, less intrusive than my notebook. The touch does seem to speed up tasks while I remain silent in the restaurant. I am more productive on the Type keyboard than the Touch, but the golden silence of the Touch motivates me to use it in those situations.

All three devices (Lenovo X1 Carbon, Microsoft Surface RT, Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone) are still lighter than my previous notebook. So I will usually carry all three and continue to observe which I use.

Looking forward to the Surface Pro…

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