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How Do I Blog from a Surface ARM?

Update – 11 Nov 2012: I just go grab my new lenovo X1 Carbon. But I really want to see Live Writer continue. It’s great! (At least that will be my solution until the Surface Pro comes out)

Well, today I’m trying to just blog using OneNote as the authoring tool. I’m a huge Microsoft Windows Live Writer fan and am currently frustrated on both Windows 8 and obviously even more so on the Surface ARM. Blogging just got a lot harder…

The image below is just so that I have an image.


So now I’ve created some text and an image in OneNote… Now I wait… Until I can get to my notebook running Windows 8.

Now I’m at my Windows 8 notebook. I select all this, then paste into Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer. Well, it doesn’t seem that my font colors were preserved. The blue was for work done on my Notebook while the black was work done on my Surface.

But, it is a workaround for the time being.

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