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Back to High Resolution

I have a Dell U3011 Monitor that is capable of displaying resolution of 2560×1600. However, when I purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon a while back I could never find a way to do that. From this post: My Dell U3011 Monitor Won’t Display 2560×1600, you can see that you must use the DisplayPort cable. The […]

Live Gallery Gone Without a Replacement

Today I went to look for an improved Weather Gadget for my desktop… The one that ships with Windows was showing the outside temperature at 19 degrees when in fact it was actually 52 degrees. That doesn’t help me much, so I went to look for a better Gadget. I right clicked on the Desktop […]

What I did on my winter vacation…

Headline: I passed my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer exams using my vacation time and my personal funds to pay for the course. I’ll talk about several different areas that might be of interest to other as well as “journal” about why some of this happened. What was I thinking? (Or – Why I Did It) […]

Apple Pie?

I had a link on my site for a long time to Redmond Pie. As you might imagine they were primarily covering Microsoft. Their tag line tonight is “Covering Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the web!” (Bold is theirs) As I do quite regularly I went to their site. Tonight it struck me that they don’t […]