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Live Gallery Gone Without a Replacement

Today I went to look for an improved Weather Gadget for my desktop… The one that ships with Windows was showing the outside temperature at 19 degrees when in fact it was actually 52 degrees. That doesn’t help me much, so I went to look for a better Gadget. I right clicked on the Desktop in Windows 7 and selected Gadgets, and then selected Get more gadgets online… When I got there, rather than searching through hundreds or thousands of gadgets, there were only 31. After much searching I found this post on Microsoft Gadgets Gallery Goes Gone by Richard Hay.

At the beginning of October it seems Microsoft retired Windows Live Gallery. I get that they don’t want developers to develop them, but Windows 8 isn’t even out! Shouldn’t you wait until the replacement has been released to the public at least?!?

I would have even expected Microsoft to keep the gadgets people put energy into for perhaps a year after the release of Windows 8, but not substantially before its release.

I think they should shut down the development of new Gadgets, but let Windows 7 and Vista users at least have access to the many nice gadgets developed over the past few years.

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