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Exporting My Certificate

Headline: This describes how to export a certificate used to e-mail encrypted messages. I’m in the process of trying out Microsoft Windows 8 along with Office 2013 Preview. But I still need to send some secure messages. I had some troubles the first time I did this and wish that I’d taken some good notes… […]

Live Gallery Gone Without a Replacement

Today I went to look for an improved Weather Gadget for my desktop… The one that ships with Windows was showing the outside temperature at 19 degrees when in fact it was actually 52 degrees. That doesn’t help me much, so I went to look for a better Gadget. I right clicked on the Desktop […]

Changing the Logon Image on my Dell M4500

Headline: I’ve done this once before, and had a hard time finding it again… Since I may need to do this again, I’m putting instructions in a place that I can find them. This is just a copy of EmDe’s instructions from this Wave Embassy suite login image post with screen captures added in. Before: […]

Lock Windows 7 Then Logon Slow

Headline: Mine problem was a special case where Dell Control Point was taking quite some time when I would logon to unlock my Dell Precision M4500 Notebook running Windows 7 x64. Uninstalling Control Point and installing Dell Data Protection Program solved my issue! The Problem I’ve always been in the habit of locking (Windows Key […]

Why is the (x86) in Program Files (x86)?

Because it’s 32-bit? On a 32-bit Microsoft Windows system you simply have a “Program Files” folder where all applications (which of course must all be 32-bit (or lower). On a 64-bit Windows system you have both a “Program Files” (for 64-bit) and a “Program Files (x86)” (for 32-bit). Pretty much all programmers know what this […]

Window Restore Slow After nVidia Driver Upgrade

Headline: If you installed the latest driver for an nVidia Quadro FX 1800M, Version, A08, you might experience slowness when bringing up or restoring windows. Go to the Dell site and get the pervious version, install it, reboot, and performance should be restored. Details I have a Dell Precision M4500 notebook running Windows 7 […]

Dell Precision M45oo Review

Headline: I’m very happy! Details My wife gave her computer to a friend… Her needs were different from the capabilities of that computer. It was a nice computer – a tablet PC with 250 GB hard drive, but no battery life and fairly weak graphics and CPU performance. So she convinced me that I needed […]

My Desktop Gadgets Disappear

Headline: It seems that when the Dell Enhanced Power & Performance is used and you change to Ultra Performance (Max Fan Levels) it will shut down your desktop Gadgets. Switch back to something like “Cool (Reduced Temp Levels)” and they return! Enhanced Power & Performance On my Dell Precision M4500 I change environments quite a […]

I wish I could write software this cool…

Technorati Tags: WinDirStat,SmartSync Pro,WHS,Win 7 What cool software am I talking about? WinDirStat and SmartSync Pro. I went from 600 GB down to less than 60 GB! Recently my Windows Home Server had issues and I had to recover from a failed hard drive. In addition to lots of recovery efforts, I was sent back […]

Windows 7 RC 1 Install

What an ordeal… 5th Try was the charm thanks to a friend at Microsoft. You can do a clean Operating System install on Windows 7 WHILE while Windows 7 is running. (Meaning, you don’t have to install from a DVD, but instead it installs in a fashion similar to installing Office) Why didn’t the install […]