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Window Restore Slow After nVidia Driver Upgrade

Headline: If you installed the latest driver for an nVidia Quadro FX 1800M, Version, A08, you might experience slowness when bringing up or restoring windows. Go to the Dell site and get the pervious version, install it, reboot, and performance should be restored.


I have a Dell Precision M4500 notebook running Windows 7 x64. Recently I installed the latest the latest driver for the video card. Over the next several days I noticed a real sluggishness – or so I thought. Example – All I did was try to restore my Office Communicator window. Not a particularly demanding task, however it was taking from 8 to 10 seconds just to restore Office Communicator from the minimized state! I tried several other applications and noticed the slowness. I then looked at my history and saw that I had installed a new video driver recently.

So I went back and installed the previous version.



After the install it was still slow. Then I thought, I should probably reboot to make sure… Sure enough, after the reboot, the restore times for the same window was < 1 second! OK… So was this just a fluke? Did I have lots of windows open before with A08, but then almost nothing with A07? So I installed A08 again… rebooted… slow. Installed A07, rebooted fast again.

I have my nimble machine back again!

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