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Sometimes you get lucky…

Cool picture… Lael and I were married 30 years ago… Cool photo in the bottom left. You can also see: The Denver skyline in the reflection on the France picture in the middle. The shadows from the sun coming in the window showing what’s on the top ledge. The buffet is Lael’s great grandmother’s. As […]

Raising the Master Bathroom Sinks

This post is just to communicate with others the current state of our bathroom vanity in an effort to raise the sinks a few inches. Overview This shows the sink counter from the side and from the bottom. As you can see, it is entirely hung from the wall. There are no supports (in the […]

I Can See the Moon

The weather forecast says visibility is 25 miles… Yet I can see the moon… I never thought it was so close. (Isn’t it about 240,000 miles away?)

Always Right?

My wife says frequently in frustration, “I hate that you’re always right!” I’m not always right. I just keep my mouth shut when I’m not sure that I’m right. I don’t talk much…