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Archive for December, 2010

Blog Moved to Newtek

I’ve been struggling with poor performance and various other issues when I had my blog on GoDaddy. Some support people tried to be helpful, but most just accused me of doing something. I am not a WordPress developer… I know little to nothing about it. I had just heard that “it works”. And I don’t […]

Entity Framework Self Tracking Entities Shine

I hope. Here is my problem.  I am working on a project where all the data is currently in a file. However, when I’m complete, most of the data will be in a database. How can I sometimes use a file and sometimes use a database? Here is where the power of the Self Tracking […]

Some Silverlight 4, WCF, and EF Rookie Mistakes

Today I am just making some notes to myself about mistakes I’ve made in the past 24 hours with Silverlight. I had things so twisted that I started again from scratch. The initial issue (that I’ve not yet completely solved) was that of using an Enum in a class that is used in a WCF […]

People Progress, Switch to Reading Files

This is not really a blog post that will be helpful to others as I try to do with most. Instead, I’m making notes of my progress on a refresh of the Zachrys Heritage website. People Drawings – Some Progress As I mentioned, I am trying to do both a Silverlight (primary) and a Windows […]

Why is the (x86) in Program Files (x86)?

Because it’s 32-bit? On a 32-bit Microsoft Windows system you simply have a “Program Files” folder where all applications (which of course must all be 32-bit (or lower). On a 64-bit Windows system you have both a “Program Files” (for 64-bit) and a “Program Files (x86)” (for 32-bit). Pretty much all programmers know what this […]

Trick Audio TA-100 Earphones

Most of the time simplicity is better… I don’t travel as much as I used to but still like to reduce the noise in my environment. I tried many different “noise cancelling” headphones. These all used active noise cancellation. That meant: Batteries – and on long trips I needed to take spare batteries Bulky – […]


Headline: http://www.favicon.cc is a great site for creating a favicon! What is Favicon.ico? When you browse to websites and you see a small image that is placed on your browser tab which makes it easier to recognize which tab is the one you want rather than having to read the text you are looking at […]

Silverlight AND WPF–Table of Contents

This post is a table of contents for posts I have regarding my project that attempts to provide both a Silverlight and a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application with similar if not identical functionality. I’m currently using Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4. I don’t know if you call it writing compatible […]

WPF and Silverlight – Same Namespace, Same .dll name, Different Projects

As I work with the two technologies I would like to minimize any code differences I have. Looking at Microsoft, other companies like Telerik (more on them in another post), and CodePlex projects like Caliburn.Micro it seems the evolving best practice is in the title of this post. References I searched some, and could not […]

Silverlight 5 Announcement

I was glad to see Scott Guthrie’s blog post Announcing Silverlight 5 posted last Thursday. If you have read my recent posts you know there are many points of Silverlight that have disappointed me. As someone that only has 64-bit computers, believes in TDD (Test Driven Development), and appreciates the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern, Silverlight seems […]