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Silverlight AND WPF–Table of Contents

This post is a table of contents for posts I have regarding my project that attempts to provide both a Silverlight and a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application with similar if not identical functionality.

I’m currently using Visual Studio 2010 with .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.

I don’t know if you call it writing compatible code, code reuse,  or if you want to use the term reusable code, but I would like to have as much code be the same between my Silverlight and WPF applications as I can. It’s just me and I need to be efficient.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Silverlight and WPF Projects
  2. WPF and Silverlight – Same Namespace, Same .dll name, Different Projects
  3. Other posts to follow…


  • When I write .NET I mean the “regular CLR”, i.e., not Silverlight. I chose to use .NET and Silverlight rather than WPF and Silverlight since I use the .NET libraries in my ASP.NET MVC application. That’s clearly not WPF. So the difference is really in the CLRs – there is the .NET 4.0 CLR and the Silverlight 4 CLR.

To distinguish I chose to use .NET and Silverlight rather than WPF and Silverlight.

I hope this helps others. At least it will be a reference for me as I encounter some of these problems again in the future.

Cheers – KarlZ

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