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Blog Moved to Newtek

I’ve been struggling with poor performance and various other issues when I had my blog on GoDaddy. Some support people tried to be helpful, but most just accused me of doing something. I am not a WordPress developer… I know little to nothing about it. I had just heard that “it works”. And I don’t really want to play with it.

imageAfter spending hours last night I knew that I do not have time to keep messing with it in the new year. So I moved the site to Newtek Web Hosting this morning. To say it was a no-brainer would be a stretch. I did need to edit some files, and import the database, edit some folder permissions, etc. But in the scheme of things, I probably spent less time moving to Newtek today than I did last night trying to get the GoDaddy site to work.

Both will get you here… karlz.net or joyofexcellence.com

I still have both sites. If you go to http://JoyofExcellence.com, you’ll still land here.


The site feels much faster now. I know that I have lots of blogs on the first page, and most with images. But before it was “hit or miss” as to what I would get. Sometimes I would not see the posts – only the feeds, tags, and .NET Favorites on the right. Other times I would get an error. Same code base, different server – all seems fine!

Very Friendly

Technical support at Newtek, as always, was very friendly. They were patient as I struggled to get it all working.

I hope all continues to go well.

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