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Live Writer Lives On!

This is my first blog post being written from Open Live Writer. I suspect there are so many people to thank that I wouldn’t even know where to start. Details I’ve used Live Writer for years to create blog posts. When it looked like Live Writer would go away I probably tried 10 other authoring […]

Blog Moved to Newtek

I’ve been struggling with poor performance and various other issues when I had my blog on GoDaddy. Some support people tried to be helpful, but most just accused me of doing something. I am not a WordPress developer… I know little to nothing about it. I had just heard that “it works”. And I don’t […]

On To Live Writer

Technorati Tags: LiveWriter,Word,Blog I’ve used Word 2007 for quite some time to blog… But recently, it seems that it will not handle images when trying to post to WordPress. After about 6 min with Live Writer I had posts up and running again with images working. It seems the quality of the images isn’t as […]

But I want a blog template

Pretty much every document I type today is a blog… But whenever I start Microsoft Word 2007 it always opens a blank document. If someone knows how to change that behavior please let me know. For now, the workaround my wife suggested was: Select Office Button –> New, then select the “New Blog Post” template. […]

Word Integration Broken for Pictures – Bummer…

Headline: I did something to break the nice picture upload capability… Any ideas? When Life Was Good Last week I was using Microsoft Word 2007 to publish my blogs just fine. I had the account set to use the “My Blog Provider”. And of course I had to change the Writing Settings to turn on […]

Blog – Web Log?

Blog – most people will tell you it means, “Web Log”… I think it means “WE Begin to Lose Our Genius” (assuming we ever had any), so we resort to writing everything down. Not because we particularly think it will be interesting reading for others. But instead, as a means of remembering things. “What was […]