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On To Live Writer

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I’ve used Word 2007 for quite some time to blog… But recently, it seems that it will not handle images when trying to post to WordPress. After about 6 min with Live Writer I had posts up and running again with images working. It seems the quality of the images isn’t as high, but I think they work to keep the sizes small for performance. That’s fine for me.

So after 3 years of using one product for blogging, I’m now switching to another Microsoft product.

NOTE: I’m not sure if it was the upgrade to Windows 7 or a change on the part of my provider, but something happened that caused the blogging in Microsoft Word 2007 to stop working.

Just to test the images, here’s a picture of me when I was chaperoning my son’s trip to France in 2002. I’ve since lost the beard…


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