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Blog – Web Log?

Blog – most people will tell you it means, “Web Log”… I think it means “WE Begin to Lose Our Genius” (assuming we ever had any), so we resort to writing everything down. Not because we particularly think it will be interesting reading for others. But instead, as a means of remembering things. “What was that code snippet?” or “What was that cool web site?” – We don’t remember. But we might remember, “I bought that new computer in September and I remember blogging on that about that time.”

At least that’s how you will find the information here. Basically information regarding things I want to remember. Quite frequently those involve interactions with others. In the interest of privacy, I will only list their name here if they sent me an e-mail giving me permission to list their names. I respect people’s privacy.

Most information on this site has nothing to do with my role as Software Development Director for Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT). If there is any information I feel (or others notify me and feel) is company confidential then I will not post it here. It appears one cannot have multiple “Blogs” or set permissions on the Blog.

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