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Batching Items with EF 6.0

Headline: It’s not too hard to batch items with or without async capabilities in Entity Framework (EF) 6.0. Here I have a large number (ok… not in the sample test, but in real life) of items and I’d like to pull them in as in batches rather than wait for all of them to be […]

A Better PredicateBuilder

Headline: If you are trying to dynamically create queries then Pete Montgomery’s post on A universal PredicateBuilder is a must read. I found lots of references to PredicateBuilder but there was a lot of code and as this post says that original PredicateBuilder “…requires an unnatural call to… AsExpandable…” I’m just putting this post here […]

Entity Framework Self Tracking Entities Shine

I hope. Here is my problem.  I am working on a project where all the data is currently in a file. However, when I’m complete, most of the data will be in a database. How can I sometimes use a file and sometimes use a database? Here is where the power of the Self Tracking […]

Some Silverlight 4, WCF, and EF Rookie Mistakes

Today I am just making some notes to myself about mistakes I’ve made in the past 24 hours with Silverlight. I had things so twisted that I started again from scratch. The initial issue (that I’ve not yet completely solved) was that of using an Enum in a class that is used in a WCF […]

MVC Team Should Rule

Headline: I don’t think I’ve seen a team more focused on testability at Microsoft than the ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) team. I sure hope their unit testing philosophy starts to influence other teams more. Entity Framework If you use any of the patterns for the Entity Framework (one of the early versions of .NET 4.0 that […]

Error Check for MaxLength in Entity Framework

Technorati Tags: EF,MVC,VS 2010 HEADLINE: edmProperty.TypeUsage.Facets[“MaxLength”].Value comes in handy. I don’t make a habit of making a post when someone else has done some work… I might point it out, and in that spirit here is the post that finally sent me in the right direction: http://soci.hu/blog/. However, the post is not in English (fortunately, […]

XML Comments for Entity Framework

Technorati Tags: EF,Sandcastle,SHFB,VS 2010 HEADLINE: If I use the Entity Framework (Self Tracking Entities or EntityObjects) templates, how can I add XML Comments so that I can use Sandcastle and Sandcastle Help File Builder to generate the documentation for my libraries? Is there a way to modify the T4 templates so that I can access […]

Saturday Night Wrestling with MVC

Ok… It wasn’t really that bad, but it did take some effort. Here was my objective: Now that MVC (ASP.NET Model-View-Controller) 1.1 has been released (not sure how I missed that) to work with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 migrate my evolving website to use the .NET 4.0 beta. I was able to get […]

Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

A Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework by Steven Sanderson, ISBN 10: 1-4302-1007-9 Update I started taking notes as I went along, but I’ve not stopped. I really recommend taking this book and working through the exercises. I’m confident you’ll be a better developer even if you’re are not particularly interested in MVC. (Of course, […]