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Entity Framework Self Tracking Entities Shine

I hope.

Here is my problem.  I am working on a project where all the data is currently in a file. However, when I’m complete, most of the data will be in a database. How can I sometimes use a file and sometimes use a database?

Here is where the power of the Self Tracking Entities comes in as they are “Persistence Ignorant”. My last post showed the use of STEs (Self Tracking Entities) through a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) service in a Silverlight Application. As a matter of practice I have always kept my Entities in a different project and .dll than my ObjectContext. This ensures that I do not mix persistence with my entities.

So now I’ll leverage the STEs for some of their power to support both file access and database (eventually) access. This will also provide me the opportunity to use “Model First” entity development.

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