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Unit Testing a Very Simple ViewResult in MVC

Technorati Tags: Unit Testing,MVC,VS 2010 I have a view that really only provides content, is there a quick way to test that it exists? What’s the Assert? There’s really not much to unit test if you have a page that has only HTML in a MVC (Model-View-Controller) project. And to some extent, if you had […]

Unit Testing CodeSmith Insight

Technorati Tags: Unit Testing,MVC,Moq,CodeSmith,Insight As anyone that knows me knows, I use test driven development. So when I put together a Feedback page in my MVC (Model-View-Controller) site I started with my test. What should the test be? Let’s start with the User Story : As a site user (anonymous or logged in) I want […]

CodeSmith Insight Overview

Technorati Tags: CodeSmith CodeSmith Insight is a very nice tool that’s currently in Beta targeted and collecting feedback from your users… to provide you with “Insight” to your customers needs. I’ve been beta testing this for about 1 week now and have been very impressed. I’ll put some of my findings here as well as […]