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2001 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 w/Bushtec Trailer for Sale

Update: June 2014 – Sold! With my move from Houston to Denver I decided to keep my motorcycle for a while longer. However, I find that I still need to part with it. This was originally posted in September 2010, but I didn’t try very hard (only listed it on my website So I wasn’t […]

Passport to Paris

I went to the Denver Art Museum with my wife on Tuesday to see the “Passport to Paris” exhibit. There were 300 year old painting that have absolutely vibrant colors (My favorite being Renoir’s “Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil”) . My place was painted 3 years ago and I had to repaint it […]

A Cycling Weekend

Headline: In addition to watching the USA Pro Challenge the past week I also took a ride up Mount Evans. The USA Pro Challenge I didn’t follow around the state the way some did, but I did watch most days. And on the final day my wife and I took the time to ride our […]

31 March 2012–A Fun Day in Chicago

Headline: I had a wonderful day with one of my son’s in Chicago. What a full day. A Nice Room We decided to stay downtown since there was so much to see so I got a room at the Monaco Hotel right in downtown. Room 915 – it was a very nice room with beautiful […]

March 2012 Train to Chicago

I thought I’d go visit one of my sons in Chicago this weekend but rather than fly that I’d take the train. It is clearly a long trip… I left Denver about 9pm Thursday and should arrive in Chicago about 5pm Friday. I went coach rather than a sleeper car. Of course many of you […]

Something Peaceful About Snowing Nights

Tonight there was a light snow by comparison with last week’s snow. I need to investigate the acoustical properties of snow. I’m always amazed how quiet it is after a snow fall… Here is a picture as the snow was falling this evening…

I was “Thinking” of venturing out… not now.

It doesn’t look that bad where I live, but I thought I should check the Houston Transtar Traffic Map. Glad I did – I’ve never seen this many little red exclamation points! Update: The first red ! I moused over were accidents. But when I went back, many were just “ice on roadway”… I think […]

What I did on my winter vacation…

Headline: I passed my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer exams using my vacation time and my personal funds to pay for the course. I’ll talk about several different areas that might be of interest to other as well as “journal” about why some of this happened. What was I thinking? (Or – Why I Did It) […]

Interesting flight on Continental

Headline: Entertainment the whole way (except for the safety briefing). Last Sunday I flew from Newark back to Houston on Continental. On that flight they had the “seemingly usual” entertainment in the headrest in front of you. There were several key differences however. Entertainment the Whole Way Unlike all my other flights, I was able […]

Trick Audio TA-100 Earphones

Most of the time simplicity is better… I don’t travel as much as I used to but still like to reduce the noise in my environment. I tried many different “noise cancelling” headphones. These all used active noise cancellation. That meant: Batteries – and on long trips I needed to take spare batteries Bulky – […]