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31 March 2012–A Fun Day in Chicago

Headline: I had a wonderful day with one of my son’s in Chicago. What a full day.

A Nice Room

We decided to stay downtown since there was so much to see so I got a imageroom at the Monaco Hotel right in downtown. Room 915 – it was a very nice room with beautiful window seats that overlooked the city to the north and a view of the river.


We leisurely got out of bed and made our way to The Yolk for breakfast.

John Hancock Observation

After breakfast we went to the John Hancock Observation deck. From there we got a great view of the city and figured out a few things we wanted to see. After having a look around we decided to head to the art museum.


The Silver Bean

Along the way we stopped at the “Silver Bean”. When I’m online I’ll have to look up a lot more information about that. I was quite fascinated.


After that we stopped for a bit of lunch before heading to the museum.

We passed this alley on the way to the museum. I guess after the great fire they take their fire escapes pretty seriously


The Art Museum

Finally to the art museum. What fantastic art. Someday I’ll need to go imageback when I have more time, but what I was was wonderful. As I look more and more I think the Impressionists are my favorite. This picture really caught my attention. I walked passed it and looked and thought it was quite nice.

Then I was looking at this painting across this room…


When I turned back around to look at the Monet with the bridge I wasn’t even looking at the same painting. I walked back  and looked again and it was so different up close. This is a painting that looked best from a distance. It really came to life. My photo obviously does not do it justice… You really need to go see it.

Ok… Seems like a full day so far, but we’re not done…

Kentucky vs. Louisville in the Final Four

Now we’ve seen some art and were looking for the jazz place we wanted to go to later… When we got close we found a bar and wandered in. About 25 minutes after we arrived the game started! My son thought he’d miss the game, but the bar had a great set of TVs. So we sat and watched the entire game! And we didn’t even have to put up with riots…


So the game was over… Kentucky won.

The Jazz Showcase

We made our way down the block to the Jazz Showcase where BMR4 was playing. We listened to some good jazz for several hours and finally called it quits for the day and walked back to the hotel  (it was a pretty long walk).


It’s been a long time since I’ve done that many things in a single day! I had a great time with my son.

Now I’m on my train trip back to Denver.

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