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2001 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 w/Bushtec Trailer for Sale

Update: June 2014 – Sold!

With my move from Houston to Denver I decided to keep my motorcycle for a while longer. However, I find that I still need to part with it. This was originally posted in September 2010, but I didn’t try very hard (only listed it on my website Smile So I wasn’t too serious).

This time I am…


Deal's Gap in 2001 with one of my sons

I find that after many years I need to part with my motorcycle. I’d like to find an owner that will enjoy it as much as I did. Asking $13,000 (obo) for the whole kit and am located in Denver, CO, 720 two two three 8100.

The above photo was taken as my son and I rode down Deal’s Gap.

Returning from Deal's Gap

I’ve really enjoyed it, but here are the specifics:

2001 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 “Kit”

2100 Black 1800

Of course there’s the motorcycle itself. Here are the specifics for that:

  • Black with silver fairing (still have the original black one too)
  • 34,000 miles
  • Extra PIAA lights (makes night riding fun and safe)
  • Fog lights
  • CB/AM/FM Radio
  • New windscreen with vent
  • Mounts for Garmin GPS System
  • Heated grips
  • Backrest
  • Taillight modulator

1999 Bushtec Turbo Trailer

I drove up to Bushtec to pick this up when I had my 1994 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing. I came back over Deal’s Gap (my first time to ride it) and someone I stopped with couldn’t believe I was going over that with a trailer. He watched me part of the way (in his rearview mirror) and was completely blown away. He said the bike and the trailer seemed as one moving gracefully through the corners. I’ve never taken a long trip (more than 100 miles away) without taking the trailer along.

  • Ice chest mount with chest
  • Locking hitch
  • Locking cable


  • Garmin StreetPilot III GPS ColorMap that mounts and can play through the intercom
  • An older helmet that has the intercom headset in it (to move to a new helmet… you don’t want to wear this helmet…)
  • A newer helmet that is full face, but can lift to be 3/4 face for warmer weather riding
  • A perforated leather jacket (again, great for warm weather riding)

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