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March 2012 Train to Chicago

I thought I’d go visit one of my sons in Chicago this weekend but rather than fly that I’d take the train.

It is clearly a long trip… I left Denver about 9pm Thursday and should imagearrive in Chicago about 5pm Friday. I went coach rather than a sleeper car. Of course many of you know that about a month ago I was on a plane flight that was almost 17 hours. There is WAY more room in the coach seats here than on the plane I was on. I was actually quite comfortable. I think I got about 6 or 7 hours sleep last night.

Compared to Flying

  • I prefer the view outside the train to an entertainment system in the headrest of the seat in front of me on a plane.
  • I like getting up and walking around… and sitting at real tables.
  • I like the relaxed atmosphere… nobody seems up-tight or tense.
  • Flying seems like a major inconvenience as you merely get from point A to point B. (Unless you’re in first class) I think for most air travelers the ideal would be something like you see in Star Trek… Instant movement from A to B. By contrast, the train trip is part of the experience and not just an inconvenience.
  • All food costs money! Just like flying..

I thought this was the station at one stop… (I’m sure it was and may be again)…


But this was it:


Compared to Europe

Ok… not a fair comparison. I’m sure far too many other people have made that comparison. I still found it quite delightful. I guess I should make the most obvious comparison though… My train was over 2 hours late… I hardly remember a European train being 2 minutes late.

The Food

Ok… Most of you know that due to cholesterol concerns I’m on a vegan diet. I had no problem getting that sort of food on the train! I could easily find food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is not gourmet food, but I’ve certainly had worse.

General Observations

There are quite a few children… What a great way to travel with children. You’re not dealing with security. You get to spend time with them. And what kid doesn’t love a train? (at least the first few times).

There are still a lot of people that just want to escape. Buried in their iPod listening to music while they play a video game on their iPad. Sometimes the music playing plenty loud that I could hear it (which also happened on my flight Wednesday).

I did do quite a bit of work. It was certainly a relaxed atmosphere for doing it.

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