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Karl arrives in Manchester and takes the train to Glasgow

Saturday- 27 May 2000

I landed in Manchester only to discover that their baggage system was not working. I managed to finally get my bags and catch the train from Manchester to Glasgow. That left at 9:32 and got me into Glasgow about 2pm.

I managed to stay up all of Saturday and go to bed about 9pm. I took a melatonin just to make sure I slept through the night – which I did. I slept until about 7am Sunday. Yea!

The building at the end of this street is the Hilton, where we’ll be staying.

Here’s the view from the hotel room.

Other Notes:

The 777 I took over from Newark to Manchester was very nice. They had movie screens behind each headrest and each person could choose what they wanted to view. Continental made the trip quite enjoyable.

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