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First day of EAGE Lael and the boys board a flight for Manchester


Lael and the boys left Houston this morning to head this way and should be here tomorrow afternoon.

The EAGE opened today with among other addresses, a talk by Nigel Trevin on the topic “The Stratigraphy of Whiskey”. While this “tongue in cheek” talk analyzed the location of distilleries in Scotland compared with the geology it was also very educational about the whiskey making process as well as providing an orientation for a complete novice in this area like myself with a good overview of the region.

The talk provided humorous entertainment as well as a warm welcome to Scotland.

Here is a picture where he describes “lining up the whiskeys in stratigraphic order and then working ones way UP the strat column, the DOWN the strat column, until one no longer cares or remembers the stratcolumn.”

The stratcolumn is on the left and the whiskeys, in order, on the right.

After the talk bagpipes and drums lead the group from the talk over to the exhibition area for the icebreaker.


Lunch: Chef Salad at the bar in the Hilton… hmmm… that was more like an antipasto plate. Water was ¬£3.00 for one glass! Beer is only ¬£2.25!

Tried another whiskey – Glenfarclas¬† 10 year – I didn’t enjoy that nearly as much as the Macallan 10 year.

Dinner: Pasta at L’Ariosto restaurant 92-94 Mitchell Street. It was a good place and it actually had a wine list… sort of. The service was slow but the food was among the best I’ve had since being in Glasgow. (That’s not saying too much though…)

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