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Lael and the boys arrive and catch the train to Glasglow


This morning Karl went to the EAGE to see what was going on. Got some more detailed competitive information.

Here are some pictures from the convention..

Then, Lael, Scott and Troy arrived at about 2pm today.

We went to Bella Pasta for lunch and then went to the Glasgow Cathedral.


“The flight was difficult because we had to go from plane to plane then we  had to catch a bunch of trains.”   Scott Zachry

“I’m too tired to type…” Lael Zachry (typed by Karl)

“Adventurous.” Troy Zachry

There were lots of babies crying on the plane. This made if very difficult to sleep. Hope the trip back is better.

Later… Lael gains some energy:

We left home with our neighbor, Nikki, at 9:30 a.m. to get to the airport and make sure we could check in and find our flight etc.!  Everything seemed to go quickly and we were at our gate before we knew it.  The boys were hungry, of course, I bought popcorn and paradises for them both.  It thought I would go and get a drink and decided that I would get a subway sandwich and a drink all in one trip.  The boys wanted a subway sandwich too!  Of course.  I got them a foot long to share…they could barely eat it.  I bought an extra box of popcorn for the flight.  Scott kept trying to throw it away thinking it was trash..Troy kept taking it out of the garbage for us.  We finally board.  I am standing in the front of the line, I had told the lady I was preboarding!  Such a nice big plane!  The boys are excited.  They love their seats and the location…row 28.  They are sitting in the middle row with a gentlemen who sleeps almost the whole trip, who has been to San Antonio and gives them his M&Ms from dinner!  They are happy.  They play video games and watch movies the whole trip to Newark.  I sat next to an older couple traveling back to Europe.  She is actually from Scotland and has tons of places I can’t write down or remember to go see.  The husband was driving her crazy.  He tried to help fix her knitting twice.  I thought she was going to stab him with the needle several times.  This flight was great.  We are still awake and feeling perky.  I still hate to fly…the stewardesses are nice.  We get to the airport in Newark.  Finding our next flight is easy.  We locate it quickly, find the bathroom for the boys and then locate food.  They are eating me out of money quickly.  I think they are just excited about traveling and feel like they have to eat everywhere!  We order an expensive ice cream that Troy hates and I think he actually throws away…I finally figure out that we could have bought a McDonald’s ice cream which was huge for .89.  What a dummy!  They also eat hotdogs and french-fries.  My stomach is on strike and it threatening all sorts of things so I pass on everything except a few fries.  Once again, I stand in the front and inform the lady I am preboarding.  She is not happy, I don’t care, and I get on the plane.  The plane is once again huge, the bins are nice and the stewardesses are the same from our other flight.  The kids are happy.  We take off … dinner takes forever to get to us, I am worried about Karl’s words to sleep on the flight.  It is getting later and later and the boys are getting more and more interested in the movies showing.  I don’t know what Troy is watching, he has created a little tent for himself and sticks a hand out when drinks or food comes.  I don’t see him until almost the end of the flight.  I am not sure which movie he is watching…I am hoping like crazy that everyone is keeping their clothes on in it though.  We finally get dinner.  I eat the chicken and throw the rest back.  Troy opens his “cave” to retrieve the food and then immediately disposes it on my tray with a yuck I’m not eating that stuff and then disappears back into the “cave”.  I inform him that he will need to get ready to sleep!  Of course, neither one of them is ready to do the sleep thing…neither are the two babies sitting in the aisles next to us…they have decided to scream and cry and whine and their parents have apparently left the plane so they can get some sleep!  We get no sleep.  They bring breakfast about one hour to land time.  Scott, finally asleep, sleeps through it.  They pick it up.  He wakes up and wants it, they bring it he hates it and says forget it!  Troy is very tired and spills his breakfast in our seats, he is only concerned about the strawberry…not the fact that I have a lap full of jam! He hates the breakfast, he hates the orange juice, he doesn’t like the croissant (this from the boy who had me buy six from Albertson before school one day because he loooovvved them so much!)

We get off the plane and Troy realizes that it is morning!  I hurry them off to the bathroom (again) and then we get busy trying to find the train station.  We find the money exchange and I am feeling pretty good about myself.  No one else in line except a stewardess understands the money exchange situation…I am the only one that comments on that she is showoff…She laughs…I was serious.  We hook up with a guy from the plane that is going our way to the train station.  We get there and get our ticket…We walk out to the platform and there is our train.  Of course, being me, I had to check with three people all in little uniforms including the driver of the train as to the destination of the train.  I feel satisfied that we will be heading in the right direction and then feverishly try to figure out how to get a hold of Karl if we end up in Egypt!  The kids ask me if Daddy is really waiting for us…this sparks another dread of mine…being stuck in England without a Foleys card and no where to go.  

We arrive at Preston train stop to switch trains into Glasgow.  Once again I check with about three little red coated train guys about the location of my train.  We get to go to the Burger King for lunch.  My stomach was still rebelling.  I had a scone and tea.  That made me feel better slightly.  The boys had double quarter somethings with extra grease and fries.  The guy had to heat up the grill for us.  Troy didn’t eat half of it…I found myself trying to force this skinny child to eat since it cost so much money!  I dared him to say he was hungry on the train ride to Glasgow.  (This didn’t happen, because the poor child fell asleep before he hit the seat and I could hardly wake him up after the three hour train ride- there were no screaming babies on this train.)

We went out to our platform 3 at 11:00 to catch the train to Glasgow. I once again track down a train person to confirm I am standing where I should be standing! There were some medical people trying to get some man off the train.  I hear faintly that a train going to Glasgow is now boarding at platform 4.  I nearly tackle a red train guy running by and say where are they taking my train.  He helped me out…these people are so very nice and helpful.  I ran over to the train that was boarding and nearly escaped getting on in the first class car!  But we made it and there was a dog in the aisle that we got to drag all our luggage and sleepy children over.  This dog also started to whine for a little bit…I thought it might belong to the babies that flew in with us.  The boys immediately feel asleep.  I kept hearing Karl’s voice, sleep on the plane not the train, sleep on the plane, not the train…I determined I would tell him I got mixed up and did it opposite…he wouldn’t understand…but he would figure it was me alone in a city without my Palais Royal card-confused and lost.

We finally made it to the station.  I was simply amazed!  The boys and I walked out and found a taxi.  It was a neat looking taxi too.  He took us to Karl and there he was ready to greet us!  Looks like we made it.  Then he took us to dinner and made us walk about 17 miles to and back chanting all the way no sleep until 8:00 p.m., no sleep until 8:00 p.m.  I actually tried to remind myself I loved this man and I did actually marry him for his excitement and interesting life style….

While the typing above was happening, here’s what what happening up in the hotel room…  

 Two VERY tired and sleepy boys (reminds Karl of three days ago.)  Of course, the next morning Troy was on the other side of Scott…how strange!  We should have taken a picture, but we only have four cameras!

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