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Memorial Day Weekend 2009

I’ve actually been playing with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 this weekend. I finally have a Team Foundation Server setup, some code written, a continuous integration build going, and have created some work items.

Since ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) was not shipped with Beta 1 I couldn’t work on my website. So to experiment some I tried to put together a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application. I tried to use the new binding capabilities but could not get anything to work. I couldn’t even get the samples like Southridge demo to work. (That is one of the labs in the Visual Studio 2010 Training Kit (VS2010TrainingKit)).

I hope the week will bring greater luck… I have lots of notes from the install of all these items. It took quite a bit of time.

I’ll have to monitor some of the blogs such as jonathan wells to see how things progress. There are quite a few things that are different enough that I can’t just pick them up in a couple of minutes. Particularly something like Microsoft Test and Lab Manager (MTLM). I’ll bet if I say MTLM to someone they’ll think I’m saying NTLM for a while…

I’ll try to use Microsoft Connect so submit bugs. If I have a workaround I might post that here since the images always help. Other than that, I’ll try to focus on new features here when talking about VSTS 2010.

I’ll start with a screen shot that shows some really cool features:

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to Zoom – How many demos have you been in (or done) where minutes were wasted finding the place to change the fonts so that the audience can actually read them? No more – Just press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key and push the mouse wheel away from you to zoom in.

Nice Highlighting – As you can see, I can still tell what the color is behind the highlighting. Try this in Visual Studio 2008 and all you get is white text in a sea of blue. This is much more readable.

Xs on the Tabs – Now you can close the tabs more easily. As you can see, the WineListEntryTest.cs has an X on it by just floating the cursor over it. You can close that tab without having to bring it to the front. It will take me a bit to get used to – I keep moving my mouse all the way to the right. But once I get used to it I’m going to be much happier.

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